APIs in Payment and Banking: Is Open Banking an Opportunity or a Risk?

Data is the new oil, and thus access to data is key. Banks provide data to the outside and consume data from the inside. In the European Union, the PSD2 mandates third-party access to data. 

But open banking goes beyond meeting regulations. Used in a smart way, it allows for a combination of functions that benefit the consumer. On the other hand, big techs, which collect enormous heaps of data, are not regulated, and could thus weaken the European banking landscape. Is PSD2 an own goal for the European payment players?

This webinar  answers the following questions:

  • What are existing standards for open banking?
  • Where is open banking used today?
  • What opportunities does open banking create for the future?
  • Where are the risks?

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Kurt Schmid

Marketing & Innovation Director
Secure Digital Payments
at Netcetera

Stefan Döberl

Product Manager
Digital Payments
at Netcetera

Martin Meier

Head of Innovation & Business Development Financial Technology
at Netcetera

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