3DS2 rollouts in Asia: why strategy matters


As 3DS1 approaches sunset this year, issuers and acquirers must act to protect their merchants

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Recent years have seen an explosion in e-commerce across emerging Asian markets outside China. With every opportunity comes a challenge – e-commerce fraud presents the biggest threat to growth.

While introducing 3DS2 is going to make a big difference to controlling online fraud, the new standard will only be a success if banks work hard with merchants and PSPs to help them understand their role, and how to take advantage of 3DS2’s benefits.

As an EMVCo associate involved in evolving and managing 3DS standards, Netcetera has experience in working with issuers and acquirers across the world on the 3DS2 rollout, and that experience has brought us several lessons which we hope to share with banks in Asia in this whitepaper.


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Nitin Palande
Head of Sales and Partnerships - Asia